Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Difference between Samsung Galaxy Mini with Samsung Galaxy Fit

Similar but different. The phrase seemed appropriate to describe the relationship between the Samsung Galaxy Fit with Samsung Galaxy Mini. At first glance they appear to have shape and nearly the same physical size. Market segment is the same, namely the entry level. Both use the Android OS Froyo (2.2). Strength is also the same processor, 600 MHz. If it is not the same, then what the different beetwen  Galaxy Mini and Samsung Galaxy Fit ?

The most striking difference lies in the camera and features / applications luggage. Galaxy Fit has a 5 megapixel camera with a resolution (auto focus, 3x digital zoom, auto ISO), while the Galaxy Mini camera resolution is only 3 megapixels. For the innate features, samsung fit have Quick Office, this application is used to open office files ending in. Doc,. Ppt,. Xls, and ppt. Unfortunately, Quick Office application in the Galaxy Fit, only to open, but could not edit and create new office files.

Another difference between the Samsung Fit with mini galaxy, ie on the weight and dimensions. When viewed at a glance, the shape and size look the same, but when viewed in detail, it turns out the larger dimensions of the Galaxy Fit a little. For display, the Samsung Galaxy Fit has a 3.31-inch LCD screen size based QVGA (320x240 pixels). While the Galaxy Mini-sized screen 3.14 inches, with a QVGA resolution.

Judging from the difference, samsung fit slightly superior to the galaxy mini . Naturally, if the price is more expensive galaxy fit, a little. If I see from the color and design of the navigation button, samsung fit more elegant. But somehow, my choice remains the Samsung  Galaxy S, although much more expensive, I am willing to wait until my savings enough to buy it.

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